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SD Card Socket | Micro SD Card Holder – SMD Push Type (9 Pin)

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Product details

SD Cards are the most commonly used Storage devices in embedded systems applications. Almost all microcontrollers/development boards have a limited Flash memory for programming and a limited EEPROM memory to store important data but for projects which involve Data logging or storing pictures or other heavy graphics the programmer might have to save a huge piece of data in terms of Megabytes. In that situation an SD card is employed.

SD cards can work in two modes: first SPI mode and second SD mode. Digital cameras and mobile phones use the SD mode to communicate but the development boards and microcontrollers use the SPI mode for communication which uses 4 pins Chip Select (CS), Data In (DI), Data Out (DO) and Clock (CLK). To power the device we need a 3.3V supply and GND pin. With these pins you can easily interface the SD card with your microcontroller board like Arduino and Raspberry Pi when you initiate communication via SPI. You can also get an SD Card Module if you want to use it without soldering and Rapid Prototyping.


  • Easy to solder on PCB
  • Solid Construction for durability
  • Spring lock for keeping the card in place
  • Can be used with all electronic circuits
  • Reliable and cost effective

Product Description

SD Card Socket

As there are two modes the SD card reader can be used so the pins as being shown in the image are explained for both the modes. DAT2, DAT3, CMD, DAT0, DAT1 are pins used for SD card mode and CS, DI, DO, SCLK are used by SPI and power supply is 3.3V and GND pins. 


L*B = 15mm*15mm

Distance between Pins = 1.1mm

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Package Content

1× SD Card Socket

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