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Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 – tiny MCU board with Wi-Fi and BLE, battery charge supported, power efficiency and rich Interface

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  1. Brand: Seeed Studio
  2. Product: XIAO ESP32C3 – tiny MCU board with Wi-Fi and BLE
  3.  Circuit operating voltage: 3.3V@200mA
  4. Charging current: 50mA/100mA
  5. Input voltage (VIN): 5V

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Product details

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 featuring ESP32C3 carries a complete Wi-Fi system along with Bluetooth Low Energy function. With its exquisite design and WiFi+BT ability, it’s perfect for various IoT controlling scenarios and complex carriable applications.The board equips highly-integrated ESP32-C3 SoC. The chip has been installed with a complete 2.4GHz Wi-Fi subsystem which means it supports Station mode, SoftAP mode, SoftAP & Station mode, and promiscuous mode for multiple Wi-Fi applications. It works under an ultra-low power state, also supporting features of Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth mesh. There are 400 KB SRAM & 4 MB Flash on the chip, allowing for more programming space, and bringing more possibilities to the IoT control scenarios.


  1. Outstanding RF performance,Powerful ESP32-C3 SoC and U.FL antenna provided that supports WiFi/Bluetooth connection over 100m.
  2. Thumb-size Design, 21 x 17.5mm overall dimension, portable and lightweight.
  3. Low power consumption, Lowest as 44 μA (deep sleep mode), with 4 working modes available.
  4. Onboard battery charge IC, Supports battery charging, great for various wearable scenarios and wireless IoT applications.
  5. Ready for productization,  Single-sided components design, easily integrated into other boards and Seeed provides Fusion Service for rapid production.

Package Includes:

1 x Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3
1 x Antenna


Additional information


1. ESP32-C3 SoC 2. RISC-V single-core 32-bit chip processor with a four-stage pipeline that operates at up to 160 MHz


1. Complete 2.4GHz Wi-Fi subsystem 2. Bluetooth 5.0/ Bluetooth mesh

On-chip Memory

400KB SRAM & 4MB Flash


1x UART, 1x IIC, 1x IIS, 1x SPI, 11x GPIO(PWM), 4x ADC 1x Reset button, 1x Boot button

Circuit operating voltage


Charging current


Input voltage (VIN)


Deep Sleep Power Consumption (μA)


Active Model

<75 mA

Modem-sleep Model (mA)


Light-sleep Model (mA)


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