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Soldering Iron/Rod (35W)

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Product details

This is a 35-Watt Soldering Iron that is best for students and hobbyists. It is a general purpose soldering iron where the soldering tip can be changed as per requirements. One can choose a chisel or pointed tip which is available separately and is good for solving the purposes. The default available tip is the Chisel one with 35-Watt rating.

It has a long AC cable with Three Pin facility that reduces the chances of electrical shock. Maximum Allowed temperature is fixed with 380 Degree temperature rating. It is designed in a way that the soldering iron tip maintains the constant temperature. A hook is also provided to hang the soldering iron.

Soldering iron Features:

  1. Operable within a second and attains full temperature very fast.
  2. Maintains constant tip temperature even in the high air blow conditions.
  3. Low Leakage Current and reduces the chances of Electric shock.
  4. Safe for the use of dedicated and sensitive Components.
  5. Heat transfer efficiency is maximized.
  6. The soldering tip is replaceable.
  7. Proper handle grip for holding the iron.
  8. High Quality Built Material
  9. Hook provided to Hang.
  10. With Durable heating element designed for long Life.



  • Maximum Temperature rating(°C): 380 (Fixed)
  • Operating Voltage: 230V AC
  • Power Rating: 35W (Maximum)
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Bit Type: Chisel 35W Rated
  • AC Cord Type: Three Pin

Soldering iron Applications:

  • Perfect for soldering various electronics components (TH and SMD)
  • De-soldering TH components
  • PCB Assembly and repair
  • Textile cutting
  • Jewellery soldering

Example on How to use Soldering iron:

Beginners guide for soldering

Additional Resources:

How to Solder properly


Package Contains

1x 35Watt Soldering iron

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