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T90 30A 6V Relay Module

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Product details

Its a relay module, its used in electronic circuit as a switching device this module has the pins which is for Signal, GND, VCC. T90 relay is a type of coil relay which is used to provide protection to the electronic circuit. this relay has three output pins NO, NC, COMMON. its operating voltage is 5V and the current is 30A, NC’s and NO’s operating current are different 20A, 30A. This module has two LED first one is Red and second one is Green in color, Red LED is used for Power and the Green LED is for Signal.


  • Its operating Voltage is 5V

  • No of module terminal is 3

  • It has two led to show the module status

Model T90 
Type Relay Module
Operating Voltage  6V
Operating Current 30A
Length 45.1mm
Width 34.0mm
Height 21.4mm
Country of Origin China
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