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Four Channel 5V Relay Module – Made in India

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Product details

Relays are most commonly used switching devices used in electronics. It can be used to switch high current loads easily unlike transistors which are limited by the maximum current that can flow through them and also can’t switch AC loads. This 5V/3.3V Four Channel 10A Relay Module can switch both AC and DC loads. It is an Electromagnetic switch, when the coil inside is energized with a small current, it can switch ON or OFF the high current circuit. It has PCB screw terminals to directly connect. They can be used in Home automation to switch ON or OFF the appliances, in Electronic circuits to perform switching operations, in safety circuits to disconnect or connect the heavy loads in case of any dangerous situation, in Automobile applications like turning on windscreen wipers, power windows fuel pump, cooling fan etc.


Input and output connection:

  • This module consist of 4 relay of 5V, and with screw holes.
  • IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4 are the input pins of the relay and the output pins are the screw type t-block connectors.
  • Connection is NO, COM, NC.
  • IT required negative input for the switching.
  • It also has over voltage and current protection.
  • Reverse voltage protection.
  • Consume low current supply.
  • Compatible for all type of development boards and also for industrial use.
  • Suitable for all types of Arduino boards. 
  • More than 20k switching on full load.
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