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Univolt 60/40 (Tin/Lead) Solder Wire 22 SWG 500gm

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Product details

This is a Univolt solder wire which is 500 grams in weight. It has a conductive alloy with a low melting point. It can be melted using a soldering iron. The melted solder material is used to solder the components or wires. The 60/40 Tin/Lead alloy solder is the best for applications like fine electrical soldering. 


  • High-quality solder wire 
  • High activity flux makes more reliable soldering and leaves bright shiny solder joints after reflow.
  • Insulation resistance and no spattering
  • Non-corrosive
  • Good solderability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.
  • With the solder wire reel‚ soldering can be accomplished quickly


  • Widely applied in electrical repairs.
  • Soldering components on a printed circuit board (PCB)
Type soldering Wire
Dimension 22 SWG
Weight 500gm
Model 60/40
Material Tin/Lead
Colour Silver
Brand Univolt
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