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4x4x1.5mm SMD Tactile Push Micro Switch

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Product details

A Mini SMD Push Button 4x4x1.5mm (tactile push-button switch) is widely used as a standard input button on electronic projects. The pins are normally open (disconnected) and connect the circuit for the time it is kept pressed and as soon as it is released the circuit is disconnected. The Tactile Push-button has 4 pins and features an SMD design. Two pins are connected internally. Surface Mount Device (SMD) tactile push buttons are compact electronic components used for momentary contact switching in various electronic devices and circuits. These buttons are designed to be surface-mounted directly onto printed circuit boards (PCBs), eliminating the need for holes or cutouts that traditional through-hole buttons require.


  • Its Mounting Style is SMD
  • Its Silver and Gold Colour SMD Switch/Micro Switch
  • Its used in Audio System, Electronics and Electrical Devices etc.
Mounting type SMD
Colour Silver and Gold
Type SMD Micro Tactile Push Button
Dimension 4x4x1.5mm
No of Pin 4
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