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ISB TS45D Infrared Thermopile Sensor - Contactless Temperature Sesnor

(5.00)2 Reviews
97.52121.90 (Including tax)

K Type Thermocouple Porcelain 6 inch

(5.00)2 Reviews
105.80132.25 (Including tax)

K Type Thermocouple Porcelain 9 inch

(5.00)2 Reviews
133.40166.75 (Including tax)

LM35D Analog Temperature Sensor Module

(5.00)2 Reviews
69.0086.25 (Including tax)

TEC1-12715 12V 225W Thermoelectric 15A Peltier Cooler Module

(5.00)2 Reviews
266.80333.50 (Including tax)

Thermal Sensor Relay Module (MAX6675)

(5.00)2 Reviews
192.28240.35 (Including tax)

Type J Thermocouple with 3 meter cable

(5.00)2 Reviews
118.68148.35 (Including tax)

XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module

(5.00)2 Reviews
443.44554.30 (Including tax)
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