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Sku: rz24332339

74HC595N shift register8 bit serial to parallel IC dip 16

(5.00)2 Reviews
11.1312.65 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332419

Acrylic kit in the shape of Spider with 4 legs.

(5.00)2 Reviews
551.54626.75 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331850

DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit without Battery

(5.00)2 Reviews
315.74358.80 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332074

DIY Robotic Arm - Acrylic DIY Kit with Nuts, Bolts and Full Assembly guide (Without Servo)

(5.00)2 Reviews
834.90948.75 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332569

Longer Version of 4WD Double Layer Smart Car Robot Chassis - DIY Kit

(5.00)2 Reviews
581.90661.25 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331742

M2.5-25mm Bolt (Mounting Screw) - Pack of 4

(5.00)2 Reviews
10.1211.50 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332440

M3 Hex Nut with 2mm height (pack of 4)

(5.00)2 Reviews
5.065.75 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332439

M4 Hex Nut with 3mm height (pack of 4)

(5.00)2 Reviews
4.054.60 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331731

Mars Rover Robot DIY Kit with Acrylic Parts, Nuts and Bolts - 6WD Car for Robotics

(5.00)2 Reviews
707.39803.85 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331791

Quadruped Spider Robot DIY Kit with 4 Legs- Acrylic Parts, Nuts, Bolts and Spacers with Assembly Video

(5.00)2 Reviews
757.99861.35 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332730

R365 Diaphragm DC Motor Pump (12V)

(5.00)2 Reviews
136.62155.25 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24331774

Robot Car Chassis | Aluminium Chassis

(5.00)2 Reviews
698.28793.50 (Including tax)
Sku: rz24332662

Robot Wheel 65mm for DC Geared Motor (Pack of 2)

(5.00)2 Reviews
60.7269.00 (Including tax)
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