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Arduino Starter Kit with Arduino UNO R3, Breadboard, LED, Resistor,Jumper Wires and Power Supply – build more than 10 DIY Projects

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If you’re new to Arduino and want to get started with it, a beginner’s kit can be a great way to begin your journey. Arduino beginner kits typically come with an Arduino board and a variety of components and sensors that you can use to learn and experiment with electronics and programming. Here’s a list of some commonly included components in an Arduino beginner’s kit:

  1. Arduino Board: The kit usually includes an Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano, which are popular choices for beginners.

  2. Breadboard: A breadboard is a reusable platform for building and prototyping electronic circuits without soldering.

  3. LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes): These are small electronic components that emit light when a current flows through them. They are often used for visual feedback or as indicators.

  4. Resistors: Resistors are used to limit the flow of current in a circuit. They are commonly used in conjunction with LEDs to prevent them from burning out.

  5. Pushbuttons: These are simple mechanical switches that can be used to control the flow of current in a circuit.

  6. Potentiometer: A potentiometer is a variable resistor that can be adjusted to change the resistance in a circuit. It is often used to control variables like brightness or volume.

  7. Temperature and Humidity Sensor: This sensor allows you to measure the ambient temperature and humidity in your environment.

  8. Ultrasonic Sensor: An ultrasonic sensor can be used to measure distance by emitting ultrasonic waves and calculating the time it takes for the waves to bounce back.

  9. Jumper Wires: These wires are used to connect components on the breadboard or to interface with other devices.

  10. LCD Display: An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen can be used to show text, numbers, or custom characters in your projects.

In addition to these components, Arduino beginner kits often come with a guidebook or online tutorials that walk you through various projects and teach you the basics of Arduino programming. These resources can help you understand the concepts and get hands-on experience with building circuits and writing code.

Beginner Kit Tutorials:

  1. Arduino LED Blinking – Basic Getting Started
  2. Arduino LED Sequence – Learn Digital Output / Delay
  3. Arduino On/Off Button Control – Digital Input
  4. Reading Analog Voltage – Learn about Analog read and Serial Monitor
  5. LED Brightness Control – Learn PWM signals
  6. Arduino tone Function – Buzzer and tone Function
  7. Music Activated LED – Microphone
  8. Arduino Traffic Light Control with Timer – Timer Funtion
  9. Interfacing LCD display to Arduino – LCD Displays
  10. Arduino Temperature and Humidity Measurement – Temperature sensor
  11. Arduino Distance Measurement – Ultrasonic sensor

 Beginner Kit Projects:

  1. Knight Rider Display
  2. Traffic Light for Simulated Traffic Control System
  3. Sound Level Visualizer
  4. Sound Triggered Alarm
  5. Arduino Timer Alarm Clock
  6. Light Activated Alarm
  7. Digital Dice
  8. LED Music Display
  9. Arduino melody Player
  10. Digital Thermometer with LCD display
  11. Heat Based Fire Alarm
  12. Digital Ruler
  13. Digital Voltmeter
  14. Digital Ohmmeter

Remember, Arduino is a versatile platform, and you can expand your kit with additional components and sensors as you progress and explore more advanced projects. Have fun experimenting and learning with your Arduino beginner’s kit!

Package Includes:

Product Name Quantity

Arduino Uno R3 Development Board


Arduino Uno/MEGA Programming Cable


Male to Female Connecting Wires


Breadboard Jumper Wires/Cables




1K ohm, 1/4 Watt Resistor


Push Button


5V Active Buzzer


Electret Microphone Dip-hole


LDR Sensor


Colored Breadboard


16×2 LCD Display Soldered


10K Preset Potentiometer


DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module


Ultrasonic Sensor Module



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