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23AWG Single Strand Breadboard Connecting Wire (Green – 1mtr)

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Product details

This is a 23AWG sized single strand hook-up wire. The wire’s conductor is made up of tinned copper and it is PVC insulated to protect it from abrasion, chemicals, oils, and solvents. Its yellow color also helps for easy circuit identification. 

It is a perfect wire for breadboards, Arduino, or any other application of frequent cable use.


Package includes:

1 X 23AWG Single Strand Wire (color: Green ; Length: 1m)


The typical application of the wire is in low-current, low-voltage applications like internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment such as Control panels, Automobiles, Ovens, Meters, Internal components of a computer, Office machines and other appliances.

23AWG Single Strand Wire Product Description :

23AWG Single Strand Wire (Yellow - 1mtr)
23AWG Single Strand Wire (Yellow - 1mtr)


Construction (conductor):

  • Conductor Material: Copper, Tinned
  • Conductor strand: Solid 
  • Cable Gauge: 23AWG
  • Length: 1meter
  • Cable Type: Hook-Up


  • Jacket Color: Green
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:  Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Nominal O.D : 1.2mm

Electrical Properties:

  • Voltage: 150V
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 80°C
  • Max. DC resistance : 63.5Ω/km@20°C


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