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3 Section 18650 Lithium Battery Support Bracket

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In our ever growing need of energy and power delivery in our mobile electronics application, we want to install a light weight battery which have high energy density. Thus, we switched over to Lithium chemistry batteries from lead acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. As of today, 18650 Cell is the most popular among all Li-Ion cell type available. It is so popular that even Tesla, the largest EV manufacturer in the world uses it in its battery packs. 18650 is one of the standard sizes of cells available across globe and it means the cell is 18mm of diameter and 65mm in length. So it can be easily replaced in any battery powered application. We need a lot of cells to build a battery pack to power the high power devices like your laptop, small RC cars, or even any small Digital circuit with lot of sensors and actuators. These brackets can give you a way to build your battery pack yourself without any professional help. Just stack them with their hooks in any quantity you want any you are ready with an 18650 battery holder. You can use metal taps to then make the connections. You will need two brackets per cell.



  • Easy and Convenient to use
  • Cheap and robust
  • Can be easily replaced
  • Improves the safety and reliability of battery pack
  • Light weight brackets so does not add too much weight to the battery pack.

Package Content

1× 3 Section 18650 Lithium Battery Support Bracket

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