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These are Metal Film Resistors with a value of 4.7kΩ 250V Metal Film Resistors. These Axial resistors are cylindrical in shape with copper-plated steel leads extending from each end. Metal Film Resistors limit the flow of electric current using Metal Film. Its mounting style is a Through Hole. A metal film resistor is a type of fixed-value resistor commonly used in electronic circuits to limit or control the flow of electric current. The metal film resistor’s construction allows for precise and stable resistance values with low-temperature coefficients, making them popular choices in various electronic applications.


  • Its resistance value is 4.7 KOhm 
  • Its voltage is 250V
  • Its shape is Cylindrical.
  • Its Mounting style is through hole
  • Its power is 250mW
  • Its tolerance is 1%
No. Of Terminals 2
Operating Voltage 250V
Model no. MF1/4W-4.7KΩ
Resistance 4.7K Ohm
Tolerance 1%
Mounting Type Through Hole
Type Through Hole
Power 250mW
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