AlphaBot (for Europe), Raspberry Pi robot building kit (no Pi)

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  1. Motor interface
  2. Ultrasonic module interface
  3. Servo module interface
  4. Obstacle avoidance module interface
  5. Speed measuring interface
  6. Battery holder: supports 18650 batteries
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This kit comes with AlphaBot robotic platform (line tracking, obstacle avoidance, speed measuring, IR control), and a camera (with servo and 2 DOF pan heads).

With modules in the kit, you can fast get started with robotic development like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control, video monitoring via a network, etc. What’s more, thanks to the rich Raspberry Pi open-source resources, and the modular design of AlphaBot, you’ll learn how to extend and refit, and finally, build your own Raspberry Pi robot.


Raspberry Pi is NOT included.


  1. Raspberry Pi/Arduino interfaces, works with either one separately, or both
  2. Arduino extend header, supports Arduino shields
  3. Modular design, plug-and-play modules like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, speed measuring, etc. eliminate the trouble of connecting mess wires.
  4. LM298P motor driver with diode protection circuit, more safety
  5. LM2596 voltage regular provides stable 5V power to the Raspberry Pi/Arduino
  6. TLC1543 AD acquisition chip, allows the Pi to use analog sensors

What’s On Alphabot board:





  1. Raspberry Pi interface: for connecting Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduino interface: for connecting Arduino
  3. Motor interface
  4. Ultrasonic module interface
  5. Servo module interface
  6. Obstacle avoidance module interface
  7. Speed measuring interface
  8. Battery holder: supports 18650 batteries
  9. Reserved power input (not soldered): for connecting other external power supply
  10. Arduino expansion header: for connecting Arduino shields
  11. UART interface: for connecting Bluetooth module, to control the robot remotely via Bluetooth
  12. SPI interface: for connecting NRF24L01 wireless module
  13. Line tracking module interface
  14. TLC1543: 10-bit AD acquisition chip, allows the Pi to use analog sensors
  15. LM298P: dual H bridge motor driver chip, up to 2A current
  16. Anti-reverse diode
  17. Power switch
  18. LM2596: 5V regulator
  19. Power indicator
  20. UART switch: turn on to enable serial communication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  21. IR receiver: control the robot remotely via infrared
  22. Raspberry Pi/Arduino selection: select the Raspberry Pi or Arduino to control the robot peripherals

Package Includes:

  1. AlphaBot mainboard x1
  2. Tracker Sensor x1
  3. Photo Interrupter Sensor x2
  4. Infrared Proximity Sensor x2
  5. Motor with gearbox 2PCS x1
  6. AlphaBot wheel 2PCS x1
  7. AlphaBot acrylic chassis x1
  8. Motor mounting plate 4PCS x1
  9. Omni-direction wheel x1
  10. 20-slots encoder disk 2PCS x1
  11. IR remote controller x1
  12. XH2.54 4cm 4Pin 2PCS x1
  13. XH2.54 4cm 3Pin 2PCS x1
  14. XH2.54 4cm 7Pin x1
  15. AlphaBot screws x1
  16. RPi Camera (B) x1
  17. SG90 servo x2
  18. 2 DOF pan and tilt kit x1
  19. 15PIN FFC 25cm x1
  20. Micro SD Card 16GB x1
  21. Power adapter US standard 5V/3A micro x1
  22. USB Micro-B to USB-C Adapter x1
  23. Micro SD Card Reader x 1