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Arduino Uno Mini Limited Edition

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  1. Microcontroller: ATmega328P
  2. Circuit operating voltage: 5V
  3. The input voltage ranges from 6v to 20V
  4. Digital I/O Pins: 14
  5. Analog i/p pins are 6.
  6. 1 kb of EEPROM memory
  7. USB connector: USB-C

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Product details

The world’s most popular development board has been shrink fide. Everything about this Arduino UNO is one-of-a-kind. Finishing in black and gold, as well as stylish design and packaging, are all of the greatest quality. A tiny gem to honor the Arduino community and all that we’ve accomplished together over the years. Each item is unique and numbered on the PCB, and includes a hand-signed letter from the founders. It’s a limited edition, so grab it while you can! To celebrate selling over 10 million UNO boards, Arduino has produced a Limited-Edition version of the UNO board, the UNO Mini Limited Edition. The Arduino UNO, which launched back in 2010, has become the board that most commonly represents the Arduino name. As we are very familiar with the Arduino UNO there is no need to say more about the UNO board. What need to know is what new they have added in this mini and latest version of the UNO board..!

Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition is a collector’s item for serious Arduino Lovers: hobbyists, students, makers, re-imaginers, dreamers, hopers, fans, engineers, designers, questioners, cake-makers, problem-solvers, puzzlers, gamers, debaters, developers, entrepreneurs, architects, future-shapers, musicians, scientists… 10 million projects based on (official) Uno boards that have contributed to this incredible story. So, This Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition is a miniaturized version of the popular Arduino UNO board. The module is based on the chip ATmega328P.  It is equipped with a USB type C connector for programming and board power supply, as well as available pins for connecting external power sources. The board has preinstalled female pins, built-in LED, reset button, and all other elements are known from standard UNO board, but placed on only 25% of the board’s dimensions.Uno Limited Edition 2022


  1. ATmega328P – classic, efficient microcontroller with low power consumption
  2. EEPROM – the ATmega328P is equipped with 1 kb of EEPROM memory, which is not erased when power is removed
  3. Arduino UNO is a low-cost, flexible, and easy-to-use
  4. Arduino UNO is open-source & programmable microcontroller board that can be integrated into a variety of electronic projects
  5. This board can be interfaced with other Arduino boards, Arduino shields, Raspberry Pi boards and can control relays, LEDs, servos, and motors as an output
  6. Small size – Arduino UNO LE (Limited Edition) is 25% size of standard Arduino UNO board
  7. Pin Raster – The pin spacing is 0.05″ or 1.27 mm. This is half the distance compared to the classic UNO board (0.1″ or 2.54 mm)

Package Includes:

1 x Arduino Uno Mini Limited Edition Board

Additional information



Operating Voltage


Input Voltage


Digital I/O Pins


PWM I/O Pins


Analog Input Pins


Flash Memory



2 KB


1 KB

Clock Speed


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


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