CANBed – Arduino CAN-BUS Development Kit

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  1. MCU: Atmega 32U4 (with Arduino Leonardo bootloader)
  2. Operate Voltage (CAN-BUS) : 9-28V
  3. Operate Voltage (MicroUSB):  5V
  4. Flash Memory: 32KB
  6. Input Interface: Sub-D
  7. Compatible with Arduino IDE
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CANBed – Arduino CAN-BUS Development Kit embeds an ATmega32U4 chip, which means you don’t need to add other jump wires to another Arduino Board, it is an Arduino board itself plus MCP2515 CAN Bus controller and MCP2551 CAN Bus transceiver

CAN-BUS is a common protocol and widely used in industry due to its long travel distance, medium communication speed, and high reliability. Now you can realize a CAN-BUS project through this tiny little development board.

Because of the ATmega32U4 onboard chip, this board has rich resources in pins. As a matter of fact, there are 18 pins based on core chip set up on the board, which include digital pins, analog pins, UART, and I2C interface. Besides, this CANBed adopts MCP2515 CAN Bus controller with SPI interface and MCP2551 to achieve the CAN-Bus capability. There are also two kinds of CAN Bus interfaces for various demands which are sub-D9 connector and terminal block interface. They would fit all your needs in the connecting method.

This CAN-Bus development board is perfectly compatible with Arduino IDE. With the help of the Arduino CAN-Bus library, you will save plenty of time for your CAN project.


Details of CANBed 11

  1. Helps to realize the CAN-BUS communication protocol
  2. Requires no other MCU to control
  3. Comes with:
    1. Atmega32U4 chip
    2. MCP2515 CAN-BUS controller
    3. MCP2551 CAN-BUS transceiver
  1. OBD-II and CAN standard pinout that is selectable at the sub-D connector
  2. Combines CAN-BUS shield and Arduino development board (Atmega32U4) together on a single board
  3. 18 pins that include digital pins, analog pins, UART, and I2C interface
  4. Compatible with Arduino IDE

Package Includes:

Details of CANBed 06

1 x sub-D connector
1 x 4PIN Terminal
2 x 4PIN 2.0 Connector
1 x 9×2 2.54 Header
1 x 3×2 2.54 Header

Additional information


Atmega 32U4 (with Arduino Leonardo bootloader)

Operate Voltage (CAN-BUS)


Operate Voltage (MicroUSB)


Flash Memory



2.5KB ROM: 1KB

Clock Speed


Input Interface