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DFRobot 1.5A Multi-function Mini Boost step up module (5PCS)

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  1. Input Voltage: 2.5V~VOUT-0.5V
  2. Output Voltage: 5V/8V/9V/12V, default is 12V
  3. Output current: 1A(max)
  4. The LED indicator can be turned off by the pad next to it
  5. Low power consumption

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Product details

This 1.5A Multi-function Mini Boost step up module is a DC-DC Boost step-up converter module that is used to step up the voltage. The voltage boost converter module that provides 3.7V DC stable voltage output at various input ranges between 3.7V to 12V. This small tiny circuit boosts the voltage level and provides the amplified stabilized 5V/ 8V/ 9V 12V output. For the different input ranges, it consumes a different amount of current to produce a balanced output.

1.5A Multi-function Mini Boost step up module’s Output performance: 3, 7V lithium battery input, as an example, can output 5V1.2A, 8V0.7A, 9V0.6A, 12V0.5A. Please make sure that output current should be not more than 1.5A. Also, the module might not some heat shrink if its need to be used to its full output current capacity.

Note: Image can vary in terms of design, printing etc.


  1. Light weight
  2. High performance
  3. Easy to use
  4. Compact in size

Packages Includes:

1 x DFRobot 1.5A Multi-function Mini Boost step up module (5PCS)

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