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DFRobot 5V Solar Power Manager

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  1. Regulated Power Supply: 5V 1A
  2. Regulated Power Supply Efficiency (3.7V BAT IN): 86%@50%Load
  3. USB/Solar Charge Efficiency: 73%@3.7V 900mA BAT IN
  4. Quiescent Current: <1 mA
  5. Operation Temperature: -40℃~85℃

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Product details

Solar Power Manager 5V is a small power and high-efficiency solar power management module designed for 5V solar panels. It features an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel.

The module can provide up to 900mA charging current to a 3.7V Li battery with a USB charger or solar panel. The ON/OFF controllable DC-DC converters with 5V 1A output satisfy the needs of various solar power projects and low-power applications.

The module also employs various protection functions for battery, solar panel, and output, which greatly improves the stability and safety of your solar projects

  1. Smart solar environment monitor system
  2. Solar-powered robot
  3. Small solar street lamp
  4. Solar power bank


  1. Constant voltage MPPT algorithm, maximizing solar panel efficiency
  2. Designed for 5V solar panel
  3. Double charging mode: solar/USB charger (900mA max charge current)
  4. 5V ON/OFF controllable regulated power supply for low-power applications
  5. All-round protection functions
  6. USB connector with ESD shell

Package includes:

1 x DFRobot 5V Solar Power Manager

Additional information



Input Voltage (V)


Battery Input

3.7V Single-cell Li-polymer

Charging Cutoff Voltage(V)


Quiescent Current(mA)


Operating Temperature Range (°C)

-40 to 85

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


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