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DS1307N Real Time Clock (RTC) IC DIP-8 Package

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It’s a DS1307N Real Time Clock (RTC) IC. The DS1307N is a Real-Time Clock (RTC) IC (Integrated Circuit) manufactured by Maxim Integrated. The DS1307N is a popular RTC chip commonly used in electronic projects, including embedded systems, microcontrollers, and Arduino-based applications. The DS1307N provides accurate timekeeping functions and has a built-in battery backup that allows it to maintain the time even when the main power is disconnected. The communication with the DS1307N is achieved through the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) bus, which is a popular serial communication protocol used for connecting peripheral devices to microcontrollers and other integrated circuits. The DS1307N has a built-in power supply switch-over circuitry that allows it to operate on a backup battery (usually a CR2032 coin cell) when the main power is disconnected. This ensures that the RTC continues to keep track of time.

Working Current 500uA
Part Number DS1307N
Type Real Time Clocks
Package DIP
No. of Pins 8
Mounting Type Through Hole
Interface Type I2C
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