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Figaro TGS6812-D00 Hydrogen/Methane/LPG Sensor

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  1. Model No.: TGS6812-D00
  2. Heater Current: 175mA (typical)
  3. Heater power consumption:
  4. Target Gases: Hydrogen, methane, iso-butane

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Product details

The TGS6812-D00 catalytic-type gas sensor can detect levels of hydrogen up to 100%LEL. This sensor features high accuracy, good durability and stability, quick response, and linear output. This sensor can detect not only hydrogen but also methane and LP gas, thus making it an excellent solution for monitoring gas leakage from stationary fuel cell systems which transform combustible gases into hydrogen. As the sensor possesses a proprietary filter material inside its sensor cap, its cross-sensitivity to organic vapors is small. In addition, TGS6812-D00 is durable against silicone compounds in harsh environments.

N0te: For more technical details go through Datasheet in the Attachment sections

Hydrogen and combustible gas leak
detectors for fuel cells


  1. Linear output
  2.  Long life
  3.  Small sensitivity to organic vapors
  4.  Sensitive to hydrogen, methane, and
    LP gas

Package Includes:

1 x Figaro TGS6812-D00 Hydrogen/Methane/LPG Sensor

Additional information

Model No.


Heater Current

175mA (typical)

Heater power consumption

525mW (typical)

Target Gases

Hydrogen, methane, iso-butane

Test Gas Conditions

Hydrogen/methane/iso-butane in air at 20±2˚C, 65±5%RH

Zero offset

-15 ~ +55mV

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