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HW-006 V1.3 Line Tracker Sensor Module

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Product details

The HW-006 V1.3 TCRT5000 IR reflex or line tracker sensor module is based on an infrared reflectance sensor. This is typically mounted at the end of a line that follows the robot chassis. This small tracking sensor module can detect not only transitions from light to dark lines but also objects in front of it. It is ideally used for detecting white or black lines., obstacle detection and meter pulse data sampling.


  • VCC: Connect the positive wire of the power supply (5V)
  • GND: Connected to the negative wire of the power supply
  • OUT: High/Low level- Output switching signal
Model/Name HW-006 V1.3
Type Tracker Sensor
No of Pin 03
Working Voltage 5V DC
Peak Operating Current 20mA to 33mA
Output  Digital (0,1)
Country of Origin China
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