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HW-111 Real Time Clock I2C Module With Battery

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Product details

The HW-111 real-time clock (RTC) IC has an I2C interface and has 8 pins. The HW-111 (DS1307) is a low-power clock/calendar with a battery backup SRAM of 56 bytes. The clock/calendar displays qualified data in seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates, months, and years. Each month’s end date is automatically adjusted, especially for months with fewer than 31 days.
  • DS1307-based RTC Module.
  • 1Hz output pin.
  • Consumes less than 500nA in battery backup mode with oscillator running
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized
  • Real-time clock (RTC) counts seconds, minutes, hours, dates of the month, month, day of the week, and year with leap-year compensation valid up to 2100
  • 56-byte non-volatile RAM for data storage
  • 56 Bytes of Non-volatile memory available to the user.
  • The DS1307 is accessed via the I2C protocol.
  • The module comes fully assembled and pre-programmed with the current time.
 Model (DS1307) HW-111
 Type I2C RTC Module
 Battery CR2032 Lithium Battery
 Battery Included  Yes
 Total No. of Pins 12
 Size (L*W*D) (mm) 28*27*6.4 (mm)
Country of Origin China

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