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MB10S 0.5A 1000V Bridge Rectifier Diode SOIC-4 (Pack of 5000)

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Product details

The MB10s is a bridge rectifier commonly used for single-phase applications. The maximum input AC RMS voltage of this IC is 700V hence can be used for a broad range of applications. The maximum DC current that this IC can handle is 0.5A. This IC has a reverse breakdown voltage of 1000V and a low forward voltage drop of 1V. It has high efficiency and a high surge current capability of 30A. If you are looking for a compact IC for rectification application this can be a good choice.


Pin  Pin Name Pin Description
1 Positive Positive of Rectified Output
2 AC Input AC Input
3 Negative Negative of Rectified Output
4 AC Input Ac Input


  • Surface Mount Package
  • Glass Passivated Diode Construction
  • Moisture Resistant Epoxy Case
  • High Surge Current Capability


  • Suitable for AC to DC bridge full wave rectification for SMPS, LED lighting, adapter, battery charger, home appliances, office equipment, and telecommunication applications


Model MB10S
Brand BMS Components
Mounting Type SMD
Input Voltage 50-1000V
Maximum RMS Bridge Input Voltage 700V
Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 1000V
Maximum Average Forward Output Current 0.5A
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop per Bridge 1V
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to + 150°C
Package SOIC-4
Quantity 5000
Country of Origin China
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