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Sonoff 4CH PRO R3 Multichannel Smart Switch Wifi Remote Control Smart Automation 10A

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  1. Voltage Range: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz(DC: 9-23V)
  2. Max. Load: 10A/2200W/Gang 40A/8800W/Total
  3. Wireless Frequency: WiFi 2.4GHz
  4. Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz2.4GHz(2400M-2483.5M);
  5. Security Mechanism: WPA/WPA2
  6. Enclosure Material: PCV0
  7. Gang: 4

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Product details

SONOFF 4CHPROR3 is 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switches designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home to enable a smart home. Each smart switch has 4 gangs that can be used to control lights and other home appliances at the same time in four areas of your home. There is a major difference between 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3, which is 4CHPROR3 is designed with an additional function for RF control. The function is purposely adopted to make you turn on/off the device connected with 4CHPROR3 via the RM433 remote controller.

Actually, SONOFF has ever released two types of the 4-gang smart switch (4CHR2 and 4CHPROR2.) which comes with almost the same functions as 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3. But all the above units are still different in 3 working modes including self-locking, interlock and inching mode. The new improvement on 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3 compared with 4CHPR2 and 4CHPROR2 is for users to set these 3 working modes on the eWeLink APP instead of the hardware itself, easier to operate. So you can enable self-locking mode to turn on/off 4 connected devices separately, interlock mode to turn on 1 connected device every time and turn off the rest of the devices simultaneously and inching mode to turn on 1 connected device and then make it turn off automatically after a given time (0.5 – 3600s). For the device away from the switch, you can create a moveable space in virtue of a DIN rail to make them be connected. Simply activate devices through your voice when the switch works with Alexa and Google Home smart assistant.


  1. Remotely control connected lights or devices via APP
  2. 3 working modes with self-locking, interlock and inching mode for even remote control garage door and roller blinds
  3. Support scheduling a timer to make devices automatically start and stop to work
  4. Customize smart scenes to make the device connected with the switch to trigger other devices
  5. Share the control permission of devices to other accounts to control together
  6. Check real-time ON/OFF status of devices on your mobile phone
  7. Power-on state allows users to set the On/Off/Keep status for the connected device before the power failure and ensure it remains the arranged status after power restoration

Package Includes:

1 x Sonoff 4CH PRO-R3 Multichannel Smart Switch Wifi Remote Control Smart Automation 10A

Additional information

Voltage Range

100-240V AC 50/60Hz(DC: 9-23V)

Max. Load

10A/2200W/Gang 40A/8800W/Total

Wireless Frequency

WiFi 2.4GHz n-condensing

Wireless Standard

IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz2.4GHz(2400M-2483.5M);

Security Mechanism


Enclosure Material





145 x 0 x 34

Operating Temperature(recommended):


Operating Humidity

5%-95%RH, No

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