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Square 10M Float Switch For Industry Pump Tank Sensor

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  1. Product: 10M Float Switch For Industry Pump Tank Sensor
  2. Rated current/voltage: 10(8A) 250V ~ 10(4A) 380V
  3. Wire Length:10m
  4. Protection class: IP68
  5. Working pressure:0.1MPa
  6. Operating temperature: 0~75℃
  7. Electrical life: 1 x 100 000 times
  8. Mechanical life: 5 x 100 000 times

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Product details

Cable Float Switch is a control device for automatic On/Off pumps, motor and magnetic valves. It is also an alarm device at certain pre-determined surface levels. It is suitable for use in non-flammable liquids at 250 volts. In potentially explosive atmospheres (e.g. oil tanks) the Switch can be used in conjunction with (Ex) I-isolator switch units. Due to its large float casing, the float Switch has a buoyancy that guarantees smooth, trouble-free operation under all conditions. The switch has a double chamber and a final remolding finish to make it absolutely hermetic.


  1. It can test the pressure of the liquid.
  2. The float switch is a switch that regulates fluid level in the tank or well etc
  3. The float switch is resistant to water(sewage water) it is relatively capable of being used for oil,most acids and alkalis
  4. The float switch is not explosion-proof.

Package Includes:

1 x Square 10M Float Switch For Industry Pump Tank Sensor

Additional information

Product Type

10M Float Switch For Industry Pump Tank Sensor

Input Voltage (V)

10(8A) 250V ~ 10(4A) 380V

Wire Length(mm)


working Pressure


Operating Temperature (°C)


Electrical life

1 x 100 000 times

Mechanical life

5 x 100 000 times



Rectangle Box

103x78x45 mm




yellow + blue

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