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DFRobot Gravity Liquid Flow Sensor (G1/2)

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  1. Brand: DFRobot
  2. Product: DFRobot Gravity Liquid Flow Sensor (G1/2)
  3. Operating Voltage: DC3.5~24V
  4. Operating Current: ≤10mA (DC5V)
  5. Output Mode: NPN pulse signal


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Product details

This Gravity: Liquid Flow Sensor is designed based on the electromagnetic principle. It adopts O-ring rubber seal and uses silicone sealant at the outlet end to ensure good waterproofness. Also, it embraces high anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration capabilities, offering reliable performance and long service life. The sensor can be used with microcontrollers like ARDUINO UNO to measure the flow of liquids with high concentration and low viscosity like water, diesel, engine oil, milk, paint, detergent, honey, etc. (no impurity in liquid)

Use this flow sensor to measure the rate of the flow of liquids. The sensor has a digital interface which makes it simple and easy to connect it to a microcontroller, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi. It requires no extra circuit to start measuring liquid flow rate. The sensor will have to be attached in the liquid line whose flow is to be measured. A pinwheel inside the sensor moves as the liquid flows through the sensor.


  1. Gravity interface, easy to wire
  2. Wide voltage of 3.5~24V
  3. Measure the flow of the high-concentration but low-viscosity liquid
  4. RoHS compliant


  1. Operating Voltage: DC 3.5~24V
  2. Operating Current: ≤10mA (DC5V)
  3. Output Mode: NPN pulse signal
  4. Pipe Diameter: G1/2
  5. Thread I.D.: 10mm
  6. Thread O.D.: 20.5mm
  7. Thread Length: 29mm
  8. Water Pressure Resistance: ≤1.2MPA
  9. Insulation Resistance: >100MΩ
  10. Flow Range: 30-1200L/H
  11. Error: ±1% (5-600L/H)
  12. Output Pulse High Level: >DC4.7V (input voltage DC5V)
  13. Output Pulse Low Level: <DC0.5V (input voltage DC5V)
  14. Output Pulse Duty Ratio: 50%±10%
  15. Flow & Pulse Correlation: 1L=150 pulses
  16. Operating Temperature: ≤80°C
  17. Operating Humidity: 35%~90%RH (No condensing)
  18. Storage Temperature: -25°~+80°C
  19. Storage Humidity: 25%~95%RH

Package Includes:

1 x DFRobot Gravity Liquid Flow Sensor (G1/2)

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