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Ultrasonic Sensor with Spider Fixed Bracket and Servo Motor

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Product details

Its Ultrasonic Sensor with Servo Motor and Cartoon Kit, It is HC SR04 Ultrasonic sensor , Ultrasonic sensor contains a piezoelectric crystal when we give electrical signal to the sensor the there will be the deformation in Crystal because of deformation it generates ultrasonic sound which is not come in the audible range so this can be used in RADAR, Smart dustbin, Sensing device etc.

Package Included:

  1. Spider Fixed Brackets for Ultrasonic sensor
  2. Micro servo Motor 9G
  3. HC SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  4. Other Tools


  • Its brackets are made by Acrylic material
  • It has a servo motor to operate the ultrasonic sensor
  • Its used in DIY Projects
Type Acrylic Brackets for Ultrasonic Sensor
Material Acrylic
No of Brackets 1
Servo motor Micro Servo 9G
Ultrasonic sensor HC SR04
Country of Origin China
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