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USB Power Delivery 9V Decoy Module PDC004-PD | Type C PD23.0 to DC Trigger Extension

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Product details

The PDC004 PD Decoy Device is a versatile solution for power delivery needs. The hardware is equipped with an intelligent identification chip, ensuring seamless voltage compatibility. If your power supply doesn’t meet the desired voltage, it intelligently adapts to the next available voltage level, prioritizing safety.

Important: This module will only work with USB PD Power Adapter. The output voltage is fixed at 9V for this module. 

Please note, that the PD decoy adheres to strict communication protocols, delivering the precise voltage without deviation. It doesn’t support PPS gear or voltage selection. For optimal performance, ensure your charging head can deliver the required current, as our decoy can handle up to 20V and 5A, capable of powering devices up to 100W. Upgrade your power delivery experience with the PDC004 PD Decoy Device today.


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