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USB Type-B Female Connector

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USB connectors are the most commonly used data transfer protocol being used around the globe. USB Type B connectors, officially referred to as Standard-B connectors, are square in shape with either a slight rounding or large square protrusion on the top, depending on the USB version. A male USB Type B connector is called a plug while a female connector is called either a receptacle or port. We usually use the USB type-B Connectors in computers, machines and printers and even in old optical drives and floppy disc drives too. USB Type ‘B’ Female connector. You can use this connector to make any USB devices. The 4 connection pins have .1″ spacing allowing it to be inserted into development boards and perf boards with mild modification. You can either drill two 80mil holes for the support posts in the perfboards, or cut them off completely if you don’t want to use them. They can also be used to power the Arduino Uno and Mega boards.



  • High transmission speed.
  • Durable.
  • Robust.
  • Extremely small.
  • Highly reliable connectors complying with physical, electrical and environmental requirements of Micro-USB standard (USB 2.0)
  • 4 Pin with 0.1 inch spacing 


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USB Type-B Female Connector



USB Type-B Dimensions

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1× USB Type-B Female Connector

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