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Water Flow Sensor (Sea) YFDN50 Flowmeter G2 10- 200L/min 3.5-12V

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  1. Easy to install.
  2. Flow range:10-200L/min
  3. Sensor:Hall effect
  4. Maximum current:15 mA(DC 5V)
  5. Working voltage range:DC 3.5-12 V
  6. Load capacity:¡Ü10 mA(DC 5V)

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Product details

YFDN-50 Water Flow Sensor is Waterproof, Heat resistance, pressure resistance, cold resistance through the rotor, rotor rolls. Its speed changes with different rate of flow. The hall-effect sensor outputs the corresponding pulse signal.  With stainless steel axis in the wheel, abrasion-resistant; Sealing ring design to prevent water leaks; Compliant with RoHS standard Mainly used for water heater, water machine, card machine, various types of filling equipment and water control device.
Installation direction: Vertical (inclination should not exceed 5 degrees.

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  1. Flow range:10-200L/min
  2. Allow compression: Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
  3. Working voltage range:DC 3.5-12 V
  4. Output Waveform: Square Wave, output pulse signal.
  5. Sensor: Hall effect


  1. Waterproof,Heat resistance,pressure resistance,cold resistance.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Flow range:10-200L/min
  4. Sensor:Hall effect
  5. Maximum current:15 mA(DC 5V)
  6. Working voltage range:DC 3.5-12 V
  7. Load capacity:¡Ü10 mA(DC 5V)
  8. Operating Temp:up to 80C,Operating humidity:35%-90%RH
  9. Allow compression:Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
  10. Insulation resistance:>100M OHM
  11. Storage Temperature:-25-80C
  12. Storage humidity:25%-95%RH
  13. Output Waveform:Square Wave,output pulse signal.
  14. Cable length:480mm
  15. Max Size:92mm*68mm

Package Includes:

1 x YFDN50 Flowmeter

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