24V Capacitive Contactless Externally Liquid Level Sensor

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  1. Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
  2. Dimensions(L x W x H) mm: 3 x 2 x 1
  3. Color: Black
  4. Cable Length: 35 cm
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This contactless capacitive  Externally attachable Liquid Level Sensor can use to detect liquid levels without dipping/touching the liquid. you just need to stick the sensor to the external body of the tank where you need the alert.

Compared to Reed switch

1. Small size and small installation space.

2. It can be used after being installed on the outer wall of the container. The tank need not to be any changes, which is convenient for installation.
The use of a float-type liquid level sensor requires openings in the container, and the container cannot be moved.

3. The float type liquid level sensor needs to contact the liquid to detect the liquid level. The internal magnet will absorb
impurities in the water to form scale. The scale will cause the weight of the float to affect the accuracy of the liquid level

Capacitive level sensor is non-contact type .

4. The float type liquid level sensor uses the rise and fall of the liquid level to drive the float ball with a magnet, so that
the internal reed switch is turned on/off, so the float type liquid level sensor will be affected by the water level, and the
float ball is easy to stuck, low reliability.

The capacitive type has no mechanical moving parts and has high reliability.

Water fountain, water dispenser, water cooler, air cooler, dehumidifier, coffee machine, coffee maker, water heater, water boiler, hydroponic system, air conditioner, humidifier, bathroom equipment, vending machine, oil tank, chemical liquid level control. It will be widely applied in motor vehicles, industrial equipment, agriculture equipment and household appliances in the future.


  1. The miniature design allows for installation in areas where space is limited.
  2. They are solid state, with no moving parts, unlike mechanical switches where debris can get jammed and cause unreliability.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. A wide variety of power output is available, allowing the sensor to switch lower power equipment directly, eliminating the need for costly interfaces
  5. Easy to install, saving assembly time.
  6. Very robozarst which permits use in a wide range of fluids.
  7. Housings, cabling, and connectors are made to your requirements

Package Includes:

1 x 24V Capacitive Contactless Externally Liquid Level Sensor

Additional information

Product Type

Liquid Level Sensor

Operating Voltage(V)


Product Dimensions

3 x 2 x 1mm



Cable Length (cm)