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DN32 Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter 3.5-24V 1.25” 1- 120L/Min

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  1. Material: ABS, Metal
  2. Operating Volatge: 3.5 to 24V
  3. Measuring range: 1-120L/min
  4. Water Pressure: ≤2.0MPa
  5. Interface: 32mm/1.26in

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Product details

This DN32 water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a hall-effect sensor. When water flows through the rotor, the rotor rolls. Its speed changes with different rates of flow. The hall-effect sensor outputs the corresponding pulse signal. This one is suitable to detect flow in water dispensers or coffee machines.

We have a comprehensive range of water flow sensors in different diameters. Check them out to find the one that meets your need most.


  1. Made of high-quality ABS and metal, it is solid, durable, and good performance, serve you for a long time.
  2. With stainless steel bearing inside the impeller, supper wear-resistant.
  3. The sealing ring adopts the structure under the upper and lower forces to never leak water.
  4. A permanent magnet will never rust.
  5. Prevent water ingress and never age.
  6. Great for irrigation, chemical industry, waterworks, and so on.
  7. Water flow sensor only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Package Includes:

1 x DN32 Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter 3.5-12V 1.25” 1- 120L/Min

Additional information





Operating Voltage(V)

3.5 to 24V

Measuring range(L/min)


Water Pressure(MPa)



ABS, Metal



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


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