eSUn Water washable Resin – Yellow

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  1. Color: Yellow
  2. Density(g/m^3): 1.08-1.13
  3. Hardness(Shore D):74-82
  4. Tensile Strength(MPa): 19-46
  5. Elongation at Break(%):17-30



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Can be washed with water, saving steps for alcohol cleaning, greatly shortening the post-processing time, improving printing efficiency and being cost-effective.
The moulding precision is high, with high resolution, the surface of the printed product is smooth, and the printing details are clearly visible. The mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and rigidity are balanced.
Low viscosity, high release rate, easy to print.

What is Water Washable Resin?

  • Water Washable Resin is upgraded on the basis of general resin, lower odour than most the general resin.
  • You can clean the printed model with water directly, which effectively protect your body from contacting an alcohol and another industrial solvent.

Parameter Information:

  • Volume: 0.5KG
  • 7 Available Colors: Grey, Transparent, White, Black, Yellow, Beige
  • Material: Resin Monomer & Photo Initiator


eSUN Water Washable Rapid Resin is suitable for fast prototyping with art and craft, home decoration, architecture, jewellery, dentistry, animation, and so on.


1. Storage
1) Keep away from light and seal at room temperature.
2) It is recommended to store the resin between 15 Celsius and 35 Celsius in its original container.
Avoid any dusty or moist environment.

2. Usage:
1) Shake well before use. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage.
2) Keep it away from the children. Do not put it in your mouth.
3) Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
4) If accidentally contacted, please wash with plenty of water immediately. Seek medical advice if necessary.
5) Finished models are required to be clean with high-concentration alcohol (>95%) for about 30 seconds.

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  1. Short curing time
  2. No deformation during modling
  3. Smooth surface
  4. High precision.
  5. Safe and eco-friendly metal packing
  6. Water wash

Package Includes:

1 x eSun 3D Printer Water Washable Resin for LCD 3D Printers 0.5Kg-Yellow

Additional information





Viscosity(25°C MPa s)


Hardness(Shore D)


Tensile Strength(MPa)


Elongation at Break(%)


Flexural Strength(MPa)


IZOD Impact Strength(J/m)