Holybro Kakute H7 V2 Flight Controller

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  1. MCU: STM32H743 32-bit processor running at 480 MHz
  2. VTX ON/OFF Pit Switch – Switch can be enable using USER1 in Beta flight Mode tab.
  3. H7 processor @480 MHz
  4. Bluetooth onboard
  5. 8 Motors outputs in plugs
  6. 128 MB flash for logging
  7. VTX On/Off switch
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The Holybro Kakute H7 v2 Flight Controller is full of features including integrated Bluetooth, HD camera plug, dual plug-and-play 4in1 ESC ports, 9V VTX ON/OFF Pit Switch, barometer, OSD, 6x UARTs, 128MB Flash for Logging, 5V and 9V BEC, and bigger soldering pad with easy layout and much more.

The Kakute H7 v2 builds upon the best features of its F7 predecessor and further improves on hardware components and layout. With the additional integrated Bluetooth chip onboard, you can perform configuration and tuning wirelessly on your phone with the SpeedyBee Android & IOS App. The Kakute H7 is DJI HD ready. It has an easy plug-and-play port with an on-board 9V regulator designed to power your HD video transmitter such as the DJI/Caddx FPV Air Unit & Caddx Vista while supporting analog system.

It features an onboard “VTX ON/OFF Pit Switch” that allows you to completely power off the video transmitter using a switch on your RC transmitter. Great if you are working on your drone, waiting for the GPS to get a fix, getting ready for a race while preventing it from overheating or interfering with others flying. It has 6x dedicated UART ports with built-in inversion for peripherals (UART2 is used for Bluetooth telemetry), a 128 MB Flash for logging, Dual plug-and-play 4in1 ESC connectors, allowing easy plug-and-play support for x8 & Octocopter configuration and keeping it simple and clean. The integrated BetaFlight OSD makes it easy to display important information on your FPV display like battery voltage, flight time, warnings, RSSI, smart audio features and more. It is also ready for autonomous flight with the on-board barometer. There are LED & buzzer pad, I2C pad (SDA & SCL) for external GPS/Magnetometers.


  1. The Bluetooth onboard is set to automatically turn off when the flight controller is unlocked (arm) and turn on automatically when the flight controller is locked (disarm).
  2. Warning: Do not enable this pit switch if you are using DJI FPV Remote Controller


  1. SpeedyBee IOS & Android App Compatible
  2. Light weight
  3. You can adjust Beta Flight OSD, PIDs, VTX channel/power level, and other parameters directly by using the transmitter and goggles
  4. New high-performance, highly sensitive IMU – ICM20689 with 6-axis gyro and accelerometer
  5. The IMU, which is mounted on a vibration-isolation foam, measures more precisely
  6. 120A maximum continuous current, 7 – 42V input voltage, and automatic voltage monitoring
  7. Supports BetaFlight and Clean Flight, as well as BLHeli pass-through for ESC upgrade and configuration


  1. MCU: STM32H743 32-bit processor running at 480 MHz
  2. IMU: BMI270
  3. Barometer: BMP280
  4. OSD : AT7456E
  5. Onboard Bluetooth chip: ESP32-C3
  6. VTX ON/OFF Pit Switch – Switch can be enable using USER1 in Beta flight Mode tab.
  7. 6 x UARTs (1,2,3,4,6,7; UART2 is used for Bluetooth telemetry)
  8. 9 x PWM Outputs (8 Motor Output, 1 LED)
  9. 2 x JST-SH1.0_8pin port (4in1 ESCs, x8/Octocopter compatible)
  10. 1 x JST-GH1.25_6pin port (For HD System like Caddx Vista & Air Unit)
  11. Battery input voltage: 7V to 42V
  12. BEC 5V 2A Cont.
  13. BEC 9V 1.5A Cont.
  14. Mounting – 30.5 x 30.5mm/Φ4mm hole with Φ3mm Grommets
  15. Dimension – 35 x 35mm
  16. Weight – 8g

Packages Includes:

1 x Holybro Kakute H7 V2 Flight Controller