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Kl600-3 433 Mhz 6-Button RF Remote Control(Without Battery)

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  1. Model No.: KL600-3
  2. Voltage: DC 12V
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Modulation Way: ASK/OOK
  5. Encoding Type: Fixed, Learning, Rolling Code
  6. Encoding Chip: Sc2260,EV1527,Hcs301
  7. Operating Current: 14mA
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Product details

 This is a Kl600-3 433 Mhz 6-Button RF Remote Control(Without Battery). The remote Designed for universal medium-range remote control applications. Come with various different button quantity options. The whole enclosure is made of ABS with a scrub surface and feels good. The transmitter is highly configurable with a frequency of 433 MHz. It supports the individuation logo and button symbol.


Widely used in automobiles, vehicle door locks, anti-theft alarms, security systems, home security systems, home electric control, wireless toys, short-to-medium distance wireless remote control products, industrial automation, etc.

Note: This remote does not come with a battery(23A,12V battery). You have to buy it separately.

Feature and Specifications:

  1. Operating Voltage: DC12V
  2. Battery:23A 12V
  3. Model No: KL600-3
  4. Voltage:12V
  5. Material: Plastic
  6. Frequency:433MHz
  7. Current:30 mA
  8. Adjustable Frequency:250-460MHz
  9. Encoding Type: Fixed, Learning Code
  10. Modulation Way: Ask/Ook

Package Includes:

1 x Kl600-3 433 Mhz 6-Button RF Remote Control(Without Battery)

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