Orange DC Planetary Gear Motor PG56/63ZY125-2440-47k 153KG.CM

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  1. Model No: PG56/63ZY125-2440-47k
  2. Voltage: 24V
  3. Current: 9A
  4. Gear Ratio: 47:1
  5. Rated torque (mN.m): 15N.m
  6. Weight: 2.222kg
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A planetary gear motor mimics a planetary rotation system, the input shaft drives the central gear, also known as the sun gear, which then turns the surrounding gears, also known as planet gears When you couple a dc motor with a planetary gearbox a speed reduction occurs resulting in increased rotational torque at the gearbox output shaft. A planetary gearboxes consist of an internal sun gear that drives multiple outer ring gears known as planet gears, hence its name.

The efficiency loss in a planetary gear train is typically about 3% per stage. This type of efficiency ensures that a high proportion (about 97%) of the energy being input is transmitted through the gearbox, rather than being wasted on mechanical losses inside the gearbox.

The planetary gear is the most powerful gear system then other gear system it is compact and versatile High efficiency due to low rolling power it is use in more of application in world just like car to get more best driving  preformation and many more Compared with traditional fixed-shaft gearing systems, a planetary gearbox has compact structure and light weight, while its load-carrying capacity, transmission precision, and efficiency are much higher.

This product is combination of  DC Motor & planetary Gear System  


  1. Transmissions of helicopters
  2. Wind turbines
  3. Mining machinery
  4. Aircraft engines
  5. Automobiles
  6. Robotics

Note: How the planetary Gear works, video is uploaded in video section  


  1. High efficiency due to low rolling power
  2. Load distribution to several planetary gears
  3. Almost unlimited transmission ratio options due to combination of several planet stages
  4. Multiple planet gears
  5. low maintenance
  6. 3rd grade gearbox ratio
  7. Gearbox: planetary gearbox
  8. Direction: CW/ CCW
  9. Gear material: steel/powdered/POM
  10. Housing material: steel

Packages Includes:

1 x Orange DC Planetary Gear Motor PG56/63ZY125-2440-47k 153KG.CM

Additional information

Model No


Motor type

permanent magnet DC motor


68 RPM


planetary gearbox



No-load speed ( r/min)


No-load current (A)


Rated speed (r/min)


Rated torque (mN.m)


Output power (W)


Rated current (A)


Stall torque (mN.m)


Stall current (A)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Hight (mm)


Weight (Kg)