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Ai-Thinker EC-01G-Kit NB+IOT Development Board

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  1. Processor: Cortex-M3,support MPU
  2. Storage: 4MB NOR Flash on chip
  3. System: Flexible Configuration Support 1.8/2.8/3.3V IO
  4. Development board Model: EC-01G-Kit
  5. Adaptive pattern combination: EC-01、EC-01G
  6. Packaging: DIP-14(2.54Spacing standard row needle)
  7. Size: 37.6*32.5(±0.2)mm

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Product details

EC-01G-Kit is a development board designed for The EC-01G module, which is shared with the EC-01-Kit. The development board integrates CH340C serial port chip and SIM card holder to facilitate the use of developers.
EC-01G is a NB+GPS module developed by Ai-Thinker. The main chip scheme adopted in NB part is EC616S. The NB-IoT chip features ultra-integrated NB-IoT soCs ,ultra-low power consumption and full support for the 3GPP Rel14 NB-IoT standard, making it an extremely cost-effective NB-IoT chip.

The GPS part of EC-01G module adopts AT6558R as the main chip scheme The chip is a high-performance BDS/GNSS multi-mode satellite navigation receiver SoC single chip, on-chip integrated RF front end, digital baseband processor,32-bitRISC CPU, power management function The chip supports a variety of satellite navigation systems, including China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System BDS,GPS of the United States, and GLONASS of Russia, and can realize joint positioning of multiple systems.

It has the following characteristics (NB-IoT0):

  1. Integrated RF transceiver, PA, RF filter, antenna switch and power management Excellent communication performance and stability in a variety of wireless environments
  2. Excellent power consumption performance in various modes (PSM, DRX, eDRX connected state)
  3. Unique MCU mode, providing lower operating current and shorter wake up time


  1. Support Open-CPU
  2. software conforms to the CMSIS architecture
  3. Supports mainstream cloud services
  4. IPv4, IPv6 and non-IP
  5. UDP, TCP


  1. Processor: Cortex-M3,support MPU
  2. Storage: 4MB NOR Flash on chip
  3. System: Flexible Configuration Support 1.8/2.8/3.3V IO
  4. Peripheral: 12 GPIO(Include TX0RX0 AND TX1RX1), 2 UART, 2 ADC, 1 I2C, 1 SIM Booth
  5. low power consumption
  6. Communication: Fully support 3GPP R14 NB-IoT
  7. Radio Frequency: Support the spectrum: Band3、Band5、Band8, chip integrated RF transceiver filter

Packages Includes:

1 x Ai-Thinker EC-01G-Kit NB+IOT Development Board

Additional information

Development board Model

Development board Model: EC-01G-Kit


4MB NOR Flash

Storage Environment

-40 ℃ ~125 ℃, < 90%RH

Spectral Range

Band3, Band5, Band8

Series Rate

Support 110 ~ 4608000 bps ,Default 9600bpsBluetooth Nonsupport

IO quantity

12(contain TX0\RX0 TX1\RX1)

Adaptive pattern combination


Antenna form NB

External SMA antenna, GPS: external IPEX antenna

Working Temperature

  -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Supply District

Power supply voltage 5V current greaterthan500mA

Support interface





DIP-14(2.54Spacing standard row needle)


Size: 37.6*32.5(±0.2)mm

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