Sipeed MaixSense A010 with LCD

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  1. CPU: BL702-32-bit RISC CPU with FPU, Up to 144MHz
  2. Memory: 132KB RAM & 192KB ROM
  3. Model: Sipeed MaixSense A010
  4. Connector: USB Type-C, 1.25mm Connector
  5. External interface: USB2.0, UART
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MetaSense A010 is an all-in-one, low cost, flexible and easy to use 3D ToF(Timeof-Flight) solution for loT applications. It consists of an on-board 100×100 array ToF sensor and ToF processor, which combines ToF sensing, ToF signal processing and application algorithm on a single board. It integrates the following algorithms: Specific applications, such as ranging, multi area human body positioning and sensing, posture monitoring, posture control, keystone correction, etc. These features are widely used in loT applications like white goods, L aser TV, smart projector, smart illumination, smart parking, smart home facilitis.etc.

MetaSense A010 is power supplied via USB2.0, and it outputs ToF depth data and RGB image at a speed of 30fps. With its sophisticated optic, electronic and high-accuracy algorithms are able to calculate depth data as accurately as at the millimeter level. Dual support ROS system, open ROS1 + ROS2 access function package, can quickly obtain depth data and depth map.

MS-A010 has strong compatibility and is based on serial protocol. It can be connected to single-chip development boards such as K210 bit or Linux development boards such as Raspberry Pi for secondary development. It uses the serial port protocol to provide interfaces and transmit data. The physical interfaces we provide include type-c (virtual serial port) and a 1.0mm 4pin motherboard (UART), which can obtain depth map data for integration.

what is TOF technology?

It is a method of distance measurement, which calculates the distance between the two by measuring the “time of flight” of signals such as ultrasonic/microwave/light between the transmitter and the reflector. It is the TOF sensor that can achieve TOF ranging. The most commonly used is infrared or laser ranging.

There is a difference in the distance between the objects. The module displays the cold and warm colors through the difference of the captured depth values. The cool and warm colors change with the mapping of the distance.



  1. SLAM and robotic navigation
  2. Surveillance & security inspection
  3. People counting & tailgate detection
  4. VR/AR & gesture recognition
  5. Autopilot and AGV obstacle avoidance
  6. 3D modeling
  7. Dimensions measurement
  8. Liveness Detection & facial recognition


  1. Powerful chip support: Main chip BL702 RISC-V 144MHz
  2. Combination of ToF and RGB sensors: The use of cameras and RGB sensors provides depth vision features
  3. Depth range 0.15 -1.5 meter millimetre level accuracy: High precision makes for high accuracy
  4. Low and customizable power consumption: supporting lithium battery charge management
  5. Outdoor compatibility: The hard shell is suitable for outdoor scenes


  1. CPU: BL702-32-bit RISC CPU with FPU, Up to 144MHz
  2. Memory: 132KB RAM & 192KB ROM
  3. Model: Sipeed MaixSense A010
  4. Connector: USB Type-C, 1.25mm Connector
  5. External interface: USB2.0, UART
  6. Supply voltage: 5V / 0.5A
  7. Operating temperature: -20 ~ +50℃
  8. Dimension: 23.25 x 40.70 x 10.50 mm

TOF camera parameter:

  1. Resolution: 100×100 Nax
  2. Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS
  3. FOV: TOF:70°(H) x 60°(V)
  4. Illumination: 940nm VCSEL
  5. Measurement distance: 0.2-2.5m
  6. Distortion: <2.5%
  7. Measurement accuracy: <=1%/cm

Packages Includes:

1 x Sipeed MaixSense A010 with LCD