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Pure ine Wave Inverter Driver Board EGS002 Display Screen

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Product details

This is a display screen that is compatible with the Egs002 wave inverter driver board.EGS002 integrates an LCD display interface for users’ convenience to test the chip’s built-in display function that EG8010 supports. A shielding cable is required for connecting the EGS002 driver board and LCD, otherwise, the inverter’s high voltage and high current environment will significantly interfere driver board’s operation. EG8010 supports 12832 LCD (default) orLCD3220 that we specifically designed. Because two LCDs’ drivers are different, the user has to specify if intends to buy LCD3220.

  1. Single-phase pure wave inverter
  2. Photovoltaic power inverter
  3. Wind power inverter
  4. Uninterruptible power supply system
  5. Digital generator system
  6. Medium-frequency power supply
  7. Single-phase motor speed controller
  8. Single-phase inverter
  9. wave dimmer
  10. wave voltage regulator
  11. wave generator

Package Includes:

1 x Pure ine Wave Inverter Driver Board EGS002 Display Screen

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